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About Us

Welcome to White Heather Boutique.

I'm Michelle, the owner. I thought you might like to know a little bit about White Heather Boutique and me.

Firstly the boutique name, White Heather. It symbolizes protection and good luck or wishes coming true, which is what I would love for my business and my customers.

In 2019 I was looking for a career change, something where I could utilise my passions, then when I saw that a shop in Morley was up for sale, I knew I had to give it a go. 

For the previous 10 years, I had been self employed as a Slimming World consultant, which is a role I adored. I loved being able to help people feel better about themselves, so the leap to clothing and fashion isn't really that dissimilar. I'd spent 10 years helping people lose weight & feel more confident about themselves, but heard on many occasions how they didn't know what to wear or how to shop for their new shape. Which got me thinking.....

So here at White Heather Boutique, I have a wide variety of sizes, suitable for every body shape. Customers who visit my boutique will always feel welcomed and safe by either myself or my gorgeous friendly staff. You will never feel awkward about asking any of us questions or our opinions. We are there to help you feel beautiful in your own skin and choose an outfit that compliments your shape.

We all come in different shapes and sizes and I believe fashion should be about how your clothes make you feel and not about buying something simply because it fits.

If you're unable to visit our shop, you can always contact me and ask questions like,  " will it cover my bum ", " will it make my tummy look big ", the important things we need to know when buying clothes and I will always do my best to help and guide you.

1st December 2019 was my launch date and fast forward to now, 3 National Lockdowns later and I couldn't be more proud of how successful my little boutique is.

I really appreciate everyone's loyalty & support throughout a difficult first year in business.

I look forward to you shopping at White Heather Boutique.